Election Day is November 6 ! Not only is this day an exciting opportunity to take part in our democracy, it’s also a day with many volunteer needs. By taking advantage of service opportunities at the polls, you’ll help give others the chance to exercise their rights and have their voice heard. As you prepare to cast your vote, here are some ways you can help others make the most of their Election Day:

1.Become an Election Worker

One of the most prominent ways you can give back on Election Day is to partner with the Election Assistance Committee and sign up to be an election worker. You’ll find yourself on the front lines of democracy, providing assistance to voters, helping with location logistics, and supervising the voting process.  Review worker requirements and get in touch with your local election official .

2.Shuttle people to and from the polls

One reason some people don’t vote is a lack of reliable transportation to get to a polling location. Whether they don’t have a car, are elderly or disabled and can’t drive themselves, or don’t have access to public transportation, you can help them out with your vehicle. Many local and national campaign offices, as well as some senior communities, look for volunteers to shuttle voters to and from the polls on Election Day. Contact your local organizations to learn about available opportunities, and find the closest polling location .

3.Get involved with a campaign to help get out the vote

If there’s a candidate or campaign that you feel very strongly about, get in touch with the local campaign office to see how you can help out by making calls, going door to door, or distributing signs. Many local groups are still actively recruiting volunteers to help get out the vote—they’re sure to appreciate the last minute push. Or, strike out on your own and start conversations with your friends, family, and neighbors encouraging them to vote and talking about the issues you care about. Find out who’s on your local ballot.